We have some exciting news!

We have some exciting news!!! 

We love cooking with the myriad of fantastic, high welfare, locally produced food made by great people, all over the Westcountry. Great producers like Good Game.

We have traded alongside Good Game at ManorFest before so we know they’re at the top of their ‘game’ for delivering amazing food. So we were over the moon yesterday to finally get to visit them and sample some of their unbelievable charcuterie range. 

We’re even more excited to announce the we’ll be bringing their fantastic cured meats and sausages to a Wildfire Kitchen Pizza near you soon!

Hello from us!

Welcome to The Wildfire Kitchen! We are looking forward to bringing fun, fresh food, cooked in our amazing wood fired oven to your event… Contact us for further information or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest news!