National High Five Day! ?

Today is National High Five Day…? 

Ok, so it’s an American tradition but seeing as it’s Thursday, as well as clapping for our carers and keyworkers tonight we’re throwing in a virtual, socially-distant, high five as well!

We are living in interesting times at the moment, where Footballers and Actors were the celebrities of the past, now we are all grateful for the efforts of those who’s everyday efforts were previously taken for granted at times. We salute all those key workers across healthcare, the food industry, retail and public transport who are keeping the country running, making people better and supporting us through this time.

Thank you and High Five from The Wildfire Kitchen!!

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2020

Did you know today is National Beer day?

There’s only one thing we love more than real good bbq and thats an awesome local ale to wash it down!

Now, more than ever, your local brewery needs you…many are still serving direct from the brewery but with closed pubs and cancelled events there is a real danger that your favourite tipple might not be there in the future. So do what you can to help them out, stay at home and drink beer! (RESPONSIBLY, of course!)

Two of our favourite local ales are the amazing Powderkeg Beer Speak Easy and Green Light and the awesome Hanlons Brewery Citra IPA and Yellow Hammer. Hanlons also have the highly recommended Beer Factory And Kitchen which serves the best burgers in Devon, so remember that when you’re planning your post quarantine celebrations!

What’s your favourite local ale?

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We have some exciting news!

We have some exciting news!!! 

We love cooking with the myriad of fantastic, high welfare, locally produced food made by great people, all over the Westcountry. Great producers like Good Game.

We have traded alongside Good Game at ManorFest before so we know they’re at the top of their ‘game’ for delivering amazing food. So we were over the moon yesterday to finally get to visit them and sample some of their unbelievable charcuterie range. 

We’re even more excited to announce the we’ll be bringing their fantastic cured meats and sausages to a Wildfire Kitchen Pizza near you soon!

Hello from us!

Welcome to The Wildfire Kitchen! We are looking forward to bringing fun, fresh food, cooked in our amazing wood fired oven to your event… Contact us for further information or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest news!