Habango Chilli Sauce

We’ve had a busy weekend experimenting with mango chilli sauce recipes – here is our favourite so far, Habango Chilli Sauce! 

We finely chopped some red onion, habanero chilli, ginger and bell pepper and sweated them down before adding to mango and orange juice, sugar and fresh mint. This was blended, strained and bottled before the all important taste test… And the results are amazing!

Such an amazing recipe that would be perfect with grilled seafood, chicken or pork on your summer bbq! We think there is some improvements to be made though so will continue the quest for the perfect recipe, we’ll definitely be adding some fresh mango for a different texture and, who knows, maybe a little bourbon! 

We hope you enjoy this video, while you’re on YouTube make sure to give us a like and a subscribe and stay tuned for more coming from The Wildfire Kitchen soon!

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